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Amapola Market Unveils Revamped Bilingual Website: Celebrating Over 60 Years of Authentic Latin Cuisine

Southern California's iconic Masa brand launches new and improved functional bilingual website with more information and insights for its customers


 Los Angeles – April 1, 2024— Amapola Market, known for its high-quality "Masa" and non-GMO corn products, as well as an extensive selection of Latin cuisine, is proud to announce the launch of its newly revamped website, designed to offer visitors a seamless and informative experience. As a trusted purveyor of authentic Latin cuisine in California for over six decades, Amapola Market remains committed to providing customers with the finest ingredients, traditional recipes, and exceptional service.

The redesigned website features an array of enhancements, including updated company information, store locations, and a comprehensive overview of its diverse product offerings. Users will also discover detailed information about its iconic Masa, a cornerstone of its culinary legacy:

- All-Natural and Premium Ingredients: Amapola Market's Masa is crafted with care using only the highest quality, non-GMO corn and artisanal "Nixtamal" processing techniques.

- Ready-to-Cook Convenience: Whether you prefer savory or sweet, our Masa is conveniently ready-to-cook, ensuring a hassle-free experience in the kitchen.

In addition to our renowned Masa, the website showcases our other culinary offerings:

Deli & Kitchen: Indulge in the authentic flavors of homemade dishes, including carnitas, chicharrones, seafood salads, tamales, stews, and soups, all prepared with the finest ingredients and a commitment to tradition.

Meat Market: From top-quality seafood and poultry to premium cuts and Latin staples like carne asada and fajitas, our vibrant meat selection guarantees freshness and excellence with every purchase.

Amapola-Branded Products: Explore a vibrant array of flavors with our range of products, including dry chiles, fiery salsas, and refreshing natural juices, each crafted with the finest ingredients to celebrate flavor and tradition.

Tortilla Factory: Experience the authentic taste of freshly made tortillas, masa, sopes, and tostadas, all crafted daily with premium, non-GMO corn products.

Bakery: Satisfy your sweet tooth with our freshly baked artisan breads, decadent pastries, cakes, and authentic Latin treats like pan dulce and bolillos.

"We are thrilled to unveil our revamped website, which reflects our ongoing commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products and the best possible shopping experience," said Rolando Pozos, President and CEO at Amapola Market. "With over 60 years serving the community, we remain dedicated to preserving the rich culinary traditions of Latin cuisine while embracing innovation and convenience."

Visit the new Amapola Market website today to explore our wide range of offerings and discover the flavors that have made us a beloved institution in California for generations.

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About Amapola Market

Amapola Market is a Los Angeles-based Hispanic food brand and grocery store chain that has been serving Southern California residents for more than 62 years. Amapola is a brand of natural food products, specializing in non-GMO corn products including masa, tamales and tortillas, and other specialty food offerings. The company sells its products exclusively through three owned and operated grocery stores located in Los Angeles, Downey, and Paramount. Amapola is the most popular brand of fresh corn dough for tamales, known as “masa.” Amapola Market has been an integral community pillar that has served and helped generations of loyal customers prepare tamales. Each Amapola Market location has a tortilla factory, full-service meat market, bakery, service deli, and grocery store all in one.




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PR for Amapola Market

Amapola Market



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