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We Are Amapola

Amapola Market is a renowned brand specializing in natural food products, with a strong focus on non-GMO corn products.  We take pride in providing top-quality “masa,” tamales, and tortillas, alongside an array of other specialty food offerings. For over six decades, Amapola Market has been serving its customers, earning a reputation as the most popular "masa" brand in California.


Who We Are

Our Company has three Amapola Market stores strategically located in Los Angeles, Downey, and Paramount, which have served generations of loyal customers and continue to be the go-to destinations for those seeking high-quality Hispanic food products and ingredients. In 2021, the company changed ownership from its original founding Galvan family to the Pozos family, which to this date continues the rich Latin food brand legacy as a family-owned business.

At Amapola Market, we take immense pride in our legacy of providing natural and authentic corn products to our valued customers. Our dedication to preserving traditional culinary practices, combined with our commitment to innovation and growth, continues to drive us forward. We are excited about the future and look forward to sharing the unique flavors and traditions of Amapola with an ever-wider audience.


Our Heritage

Established over 62 years ago, Amapola Market has been instrumental in preserving and advancing traditional Mexican culinary practices in California.  Our masa, tortillas, and tamales have played an essential role in family gatherings and cultural events celebrating the Hispanic heritage. As a result, we have become an integral part of our customers' lives and communities, sharing in their cherished traditions year after year.

Founder Don Francisco Galvan, a Mexican immigrant to the United States in 1955, arrived in Los Angeles with just ten dollars and no knowledge of English. By 1961, he and his son Carlos started a small "Mom and Pop" deli, initially offering cheese, chorizo, salsa, prepared menudo, carnitas, handmade tortillas, and tamales. This authentic Mexican deli later expanded into a successful tortilla company. In 1970, Don Francisco passed the legacy to his son Carlos, who transformed the Amapola brand into a comprehensive business, featuring a tortilla factory, meat market, bakery, deli, and grocery store, serving the growing Hispanic community's needs.


Product Offerings

Amapola Market specializes in a variety of non-GMO corn products. Our signature offerings include masa, tamales, and tortillas, all produced with utmost care and dedication. Additionally, we provide a range of specialty food items that cater to diverse culinary preferences, ensuring every customer finds something to suit their tastes.

A Unique Artisanal Process

At Amapola, we employ an artisanal approach to create our products. We incorporate authentic and ancient methods to produce "nixtamal," the key ingredient in our masa, tortillas, and tamales. This meticulous process results in exceptional flavors and textures, setting our products apart from mass-produced alternatives. We take pride in our commitment to preserving traditional techniques while meeting modern food safety and quality standards.

Manufacturing Facility

To meet the growing demand for our branded products, Amapola operates a state-of-the-art 65,000 SQFT manufacturing facility in Santa Fe Springs, California. This facility is dedicated solely to producing our premium food items, which will now be rolled out through selected large national and local food retail chains and grocery stores.

Our Dedicated Team

Behind our success stands a team of over 250 full-time employees who are deeply committed to the Amapola vision. We take pride in our low employee turnover rate, with an average employee tenure of 11 years, which fosters a sense of family and continuity within the company.

Our President & CEO


Rolando Pozos is a dynamic and multi-disciplinary entrepreneur, leading a diverse portfolio of privately held businesses across the West Coast and Midwest. As the President & CEO of Amapola Market, a renowned brand of natural Hispanic-style food products with three owned and operated retail locations in Los Angeles, Downey and Paramount, California, Mr. Pozos is leaving an indelible mark on the culinary landscape.

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