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Our Products

Iconic Masa

  • All natural and premium ingredients

  • Non-GMO corn

  • Artisanal “Nixtamal” process

  • Ready-to-cook

  • Savory and sweet alternatives


Amapola Products

  • Explore vibrant flavors 

  • Dry chiles (“chiles secos”) 

  • Fiery salsas for a bold kick 

  • Refreshing natural juices crafted with the finest natural ingredients 

  • Each product celebrates flavor, quality, and tradition

Tortilla Factory

  • Authentic, freshly made tortillas daily 

  • Premium, handcrafted tortillas

  • Non-GMO corn products 

  • Iconic masas, sopes and tostadas

  • Ready-made tamales and corn chips


Deli & Kitchen

  • Authentic flavors 

  • A diverse selection of fresh and homemade traditional dishes

  • Carnitas, chicharrones, seafood salads, tamales, stews and soups

  • Quality ingredients and exceptional taste in every bite 

  • Experience a fusion of tradition and innovation